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of piping and connection support systems

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Installer Retailer-wholesaler?
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You are Installer At The Very Heart Of Business

At the heart of the installer's trade: a unique partner

RHINOX is the only company that supplies all the components needed for complete heating, air condition and sanitary installations, from generator to emitter. We also support tradespeople and construction businesses in a unique way, for the duration of their products, from a single home's renovation to the construction of climate-control engineering networks for public services.

We understand perfectly your constraints and requirements, and we offer you one of the widest selec t ions on the mar ket . High qual i ty, consideration for cost and speed: we share the same objectives.

First and foremost, dependability: our products are the result of our manufacturing knowledge and, of course, they meet the necessary standards and certifications. For your clients: guaranteed efficient

installations and optimum convenience. For you: the certainty of efficient work on-site — and total confidence afterwards.

We are never far away. Our sales teams are available to advise you as your projects progress. Our engineers go to your sites. Our technicians, located at our engineering department, are also at your service. When you need it, they can assist you with the most complex cost assessments, with thermal and dynamic performance calculations, etc.

Get a head start: We are always striving to anticipate and to better respond to shifts in the construction and renovation markets, incorporating constraints and opportunities caused by the regulatory environment. So you can offer your clients solutions that are more and more energyefficient and economical.

You are
Distributor - Wholesaler A Unique Partner

Professionals serving professionals: commercial and marketing expertise and made-to-measure technical support

RHINOX has always built partnerships with our clients, bringing us closer to the needs and expectations of professional tradespeople, construction companies, and engineering firms. Your clients will be able to tell the difference.

Quality and dependability our products and systems are designed and manufactured in France and in Europe, in our own factories as well as our Group's. Beyond standards requirements — which our products always meet — RHINOX develops its own specification documents for each product.

Choice and availability materials, technologies, sizes, delivery — your clients can rest easy because you can quickly deliver the products they need, with a wide range of well-suited solutions and products.

Marketing and merchandising expertise specifically suited to professional distribution, so that our

solutions and services are a true competitive advantage for you.

A very effective sales force of more than 10 commercial representatives with strong technical knowledge, to meet the exact needs of installers and engineering firms, in addition to distributors'. RHINOX representatives have the support of an internal engineering department with all the technical and IT tools necessary to make precise calculations for optimised installations. Your sales representative is your main point of contact, responsible for management of your orders, transmission of technical documents, and more.

Co-Expert an initiative for commercial and technical service worldwide. Our technical and commercial teams offer the training and support you need. Your clients will appreciate their expertise.

You are Our Manufacturing And Design Skills At Your Service
Engineering Firms, Architects

Searching for excellence? So are we.

Climate control and domestic hot water production account for more than 60% of a building's energy consumption. To reduce energy use, standards and laws are being strengthened. One example from France is the RT 2012 regulations. Better and better informed, with stricter and stricter requirements, professionals and consumers expect efficient solutions.

As a manufacturing and designing company, we are convinced that our work must supply answers to the energy challenges of today and tomorrow. And although they are often invisible, our products play a key role in systems' energy efficiency. That is why we are committed, like you, to develop a vision for entire installations whose every detail contributes to overall efficiency.

Quality without compromise: we design and manufacture 90% of our products in Europe, mostly in our own factories, which are all ISO 9001-certified and have in-house engineering departments. We

made that decision so that we can offer products of superior quality, fully realised and perfected, for long-lasting installations that respond to applicable standards and regulations.

Innovation, our motivation: we have always sought to bring more technical sophistication and more efficiency to our clients. Alongside our industrial engineering departments, the Research and Innovation team based in Lyon, in the Group's main office, designs applications for controlling energy consumption, solutions for reducing energy consumption and communication systems and interfaces.

Client support, our mission: we're here for you! Your RHINOX sales representative knows you and stays with you. Your representative is at your service to provide the assistance you need, with the RHINOX technical teams in support. Your representative will also be able to relay your difficulties and needs to us, so our future solutions can address them even better.