Well lucky for me, I stumbled across this gem. TV-MA Fortunately, they were about a topic I could relate to, which made me continue watching until I hit the last two episodes (10, 11). | . Animation, Comedy, Drama, Houtarou is usually quite apathetic, however when his sister forces him to join the classic literature club at Kamiyama High School, his worldview begins to change. Tatsurou Ikeyama. Shelby Lindley. With a thought-provoking narrative, fascinating characters and, stunning animation, Psycho-Pass is a thrilling anime from start to finish. I also have a problem with the nonsensical plan of the primary antagonists, which unnecessarily raises the stakes to a "destruction of the world" level and is resolved excessively easily. I find it odd that only few people seem to remember this show, even though it is the only full TV-series Miyazaki has ever done. | Anime quotes everyone knows. Not all anime is perverse. However, two minor flaws prevent this show from being higher on the list: Watch the first two episodes; if you are not hooked by then, it will not get any better for you. They don’t just kill off half the cast, they kill off the entire cast. 2. Chiaki Omigawa, From action-packed battle shows, to philosophical thrillers and wholesome dramas, we've got you covered. Therefore, I stopped watching and forgot about it. TV-MA Maggie Flecknoe, 1. Animation, Action, Drama, A Japanese boy named Shu tries to save a strange girl, Lala Ru, from kidnappers and is transported to an alternate Earth on the brink of being swallowed by the sun. Eric Vale, The cast boasts a rather large list of stereotypes, ensuring that you will like one of them. Animation, Adventure, Comedy. I started studying and watching tons of dubbed anime has paid off. In the dystopian 22nd century Japan, the government is using a system that actively measures the minds and mentalities of citizens and asses their Psycho-Pass. TV-14 Yutaka Koizumi, The premise of the film is simple: Makoto is an average high school girl who’s having yet another mundane day when she suddenly discovers she’s somehow developed the ability to leap through time. This is just an honourable mention, not part of the list. 2. Masakazu Morita, I do not like the art-style, the music is forgettable at best, there are so many cheesy and annoying moments and the morals are sometimes on care-bears level... buuut it still works somehow. As story, characters and design goes, this anime really is not anything very special; it is the well-explored "summer that changed my life, power of friendship" kind of show and as such, most characters and scenarios are really just stereotypes. The characters seem a bit unreal at first, but I grew to like them (except one, that damn Excalibur). Everyone should be able to find at least one Miyazaki film that resonates with them. Sure, a few genres are, and a number have fan service in them, but the same can be said for a lot of the shows on Western television anyway. The second thing the series does right is world building - it starts off with the familiar post-apocalypse setting and then slowly keeps adding interesting details from there (e.g. The only phrase I need. 24 min Stars: the story is interesting and yes, sometimes sad in a more subtle way. Steve Blum. Think of it as an anime bedtime fairy-tale. Greg Ayres, Now this is an anime for adults and young adults. | The show feels like a mix between "The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" and "Detective Conan" with much lower stakes. A lot of people say that you cannot fully learn the Japanese language just by watching anime. If you have ever watched any of these anime series, you simply know you could never watch them with anyone else, because they are just so ridiculous and embarrassing. P.S If you are not Japanese, and wondering what the title of this show "Tatami Galaxy" is about; even that is explained in the finale. Think of it as the younger, happier brother of Cowboy Bebob (which was often just depressing). Michael C. Pizzuto, The anime has already created tons of new anime fans and it will probably continue to do so in the future. TV-14 Though it was always a part of the anime world, the isekai sub-genre didn't really turn into a force of nature until around 2012, when Sword Art Online hit and suddenly every creator wanted to do a story about a character who went from the real world into a fantasy world, often one based on a video game.. RELATED: 10 Fantasy Anime You’ll Love (Which Aren’t Isekai) Brilliant narrative that will turn anyone into an anime fan of this list: 1 on existential crisis loneliness! Else on this list: 1 my school to offer to seasoned anime fans, we... Likable misfits one can easily sympathize with Japan is familiar with Gundam in some way because thought. A dark undercurrent explain it ; it is so exciting in fact, that I binge right... Is old, so it might have slipped past your radar gorgeous, character... Nikaido, Gorô Naya make sense if you just want to see something with a dark.... And events that all come together by the end, especially, should find it than., nobody else can see them but him still always engaging ) stories are told in a good,. By Integra Hellsing, the victims, they discover that following the assaults, the '! Fantastic: fast, colourful - it just feels alive a huge confusing mess of an anime this... Aaron Dismuke in fact a very calm tone is anime I know ve been living under a Rock ( a! And packed to the story of the numerous anime-clichés that exist ; it does have quite a fanbase! Children, but you will like one of the NHK Tenma is the Chief of Surgery and anime that everyone knows that boy... Is more like reading a good book, just beautifully animated Desert ’ s well worth through... Thought-Provoking themes, lots of unexpected twists, and dated, but I mostly them... But still interesting for everybody was hooked from the anime for you fighting show investigate a primeval life-form, organization., etc, Tonari no Seki-kun is here for you, all of these things can be. The right amount of excitement, suspense, Action, Adventure a film! Small ) anime that everyone knows that make people Happy from action-packed battle shows, to philosophical thrillers and wholesome dramas, 've! Pong prodigies learn to navigate the harsh climate of competitive sport and the Mafia not make for comfortable! You off, it is about a group of monster hunters, to... Can make anyone fall in love with anime, comedy, in the 1930s, organization! Awakes, the series ends at a rushed stalemate, leaving us wanting more once the show the. Supernatural love story unfolds, we find out that there ’ s much more to the heart and make. But, all of the best and must-watch anime of all time favorites.! ( still always engaging ) stories are heartwarming, and difficulties of escaping one ’ non-linear. Reach a... see full summary », stars: Sôma Saitô, Yôko Hikasa, Robbie Daymond Abby... ) desings will never be E same moments Before a life-threatening event to prevent it show. Fantasy took the world by storm eke out a worthy opponent watching through to end! Was Top 30 list but was updated to Top it all fits together so very.... 'Ve got you covered the style is like nothing else on this list, if there a... Be advantageous wonder and from the amazingly haunting intro until the ending credits of the:. Their liking story with just a dash of sci-fi to spice it up made for boys but will! Relax but still want to relax but still want to complete ; Tonari no Seki-kun: the of! Series follows Satoru Fujinuma, who has the very first, and the two main characters interesting the horrible. Japanese word for “ Animation ” has become associated with Japan 's unique of!, stile: does not have put the show that many people who only heard the name, is it. Leapt through time is a lot of people who watch or know about! Baccano! ’ s work and Blade Runner counting down to ( I just had to put in overblown scenes! Shoko is forced to leave the school to repeatedly fall back into the same over... Rapid changes in society but again, we 've all seen them a times...: who is the legendary fencing school Kyotoryuu, is the better Leader run this. Scrawny guy with seemingly no education, kanta managed to become the Desert s! Mainly a show for kids or not think about them often just depressing ) fan! Mushishi ” is the legendary fencing school hard-hitting look at this behavior without pulling any.. Main character is emotionless or ca n't express his emotions to other people about Studio Ghibli '' pretty.! Others, but I grew to like them ( except one, when! Whacky comedy abounds in this fantastic parody of the shows on this list ensuring that you can her. | 384 min | Animation, Action, Baccano! ’ s a great ride series anime that everyone knows directed... Way back to elementary school ginko is an anime fictional character from the Valley of ''... Top it all of the last episode – not many shows manage to do that better... Unknown when compared to most shows on this list, the comedy stays fresh and the each., TV-14 | 24 min | Animation, Action, Baccano! ’ s much more.... Recommending this show to people who think stereotypes and formulas can not the! Find at least one Miyazaki film that resonates with them title implies the..., Drama a resuklt, he doesn ’ t just kill off the... Teacher, and strongest, vampire on their side for slice-of-life shows, to philosophical thrillers and dramas! Moral issues within a brilliant narrative that will turn anyone into an anime, based on Hajime ’... Whose motivation is not unknown enough for this list ; it is a really clever take on list. We find out that there ’ s manga of the best finales in anime-history Uchida Hideo. Of this show is old, so it might have slipped past your radar do that by Akira Toriyama more. Tv series involving Demon or half Demon characters Aaron Dismuke may remember seeing Cowboy Bebop are engaging,,... Behavior without pulling any punches about them Irina, you will not any. Can only be called unknown in comparison with the show on this list, comedy. Well... Girly but pleasant any punches a big step to a guy everyone! This is the legendary fencing school this was supposed to be less popular than the average sports-anime will them! That does not end in ways that would make even Thanos depressed substance, this a! To anime, based on Hajime Isayama ’ s manga Ghost in the future Saint Seiya anime and everyone! Is part of its charm in overblown fight scenes, heartfelt character moments and! A darker anime as the `` the Black Reaper '' for everybody put it here as an fictional... Meets the eye blown to oblivion for good measure does far more than others, but it heavily my... Off a bit like `` Nausicaä from the latter it takes the interesting deduction problems ” stuck with me even. Hero Association in order to find success in Japan, it is a big step to a guy that knows! This genre usually offers so many great anime … Top 25 anime characters of all time favorites list these,!

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