Nothing appears on the build plate or in the resin tank. Resin 3D printers are also suitable for beginners. Knowing that there is a slightly more powerful UV Display on the Photon, I expected that the layer exposure would have to be a bit longer, but I was surprised that I had to almost triple the settings to get it to work well. When selecting the suitable support settings, your print have achieved half of success. 【Low Shrinkage and High Precision】ELEGOO photopolymer resin is specially designed for reducing volume shrinkage during the Photocuring process, which ensures the high precision of the print model with a smooth finish. A very big advantage is that there are less poisonous vapors from itself. But with the right measures, you can still take advantage of its benefits. Has anyone tried it, and have any suggestions for settings, or should I just go with whats on the bottle and report back? Unofficial suggestions for most brands resin on ELEGOO Mars Seires Printers (Contributed by our community members): Resin Settings for ELEGOO Mars Series Printers. Ich habe das Elegoo Grey Resin mit Chitubox Settings von 8s Exposure Time. 0dnhu-xlfh6wdqgdug 5hg